Stokes heading up to Masters

Felix Blomqvist in Pink speedsuit

Stokes Skiers are heading up to the US Masters this weekend in Pine mountain, GA. Look for Tom Asher, Scot Ellis, Bojan Schipner, and Jacinta Carrol in the open division.  Taylor Garcia, Felix Blomqvist, and Charlotte Wharton in the Junior division. We are delighted to bring Felix on board the team.  Felix qualified for JR…

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LCQ round up

The Masters LCQ came and went with some good solid skiing from Stokes Skiers. June Fladborg, competing in her first major tournament for 2 1/2 years came so close to qualifying for the US Masters.  She posted an after injury PB of 166ft, breaking the mark set for qualification.  June finished second meaning she won’t…

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Maj Jepson back on the skis

Maj on the dock

Back on the skis!:) This week I finally had my first set on the water. After an ACL rupture in August 2012 I’ve been doing rehab all winter and still am. I miss skiing and I work very determined to get back into the women’s jump elite. I will have to build everything back up…

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Bojan pushing the limits in Palembang, Malaysia

Bojan Shipner, competing in his 2nd world cup stop, placed 3rd in the mens jump event. Bojan put up distances close to 200ft in challenging conditions. We are pumped for Bojan after all the hard work he has put in recently. Scot Ellis having come off a fantastic trip to Australia recently, placed 4th. Big…

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