About Stokes Skis

Stokes Skis is a skier run business.  The company was founded by Ray Stokes, a pioneer in many ways.  Ray pioneered new coaching techniques and wanted to implement his knowledge and love for water-skiing in new innovative products.

Thomas Asher is a pro tour competitor, competing on the highest stage.  He has represented the Great British Water ski team since 1994.  Tom completed his education at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette in 2006.  Since then he has competed at the highest level in men Jump, Slalom, and Tricks.

June Fladborg Asher, a native of Denmark had to make the move over the US to compete and train with the best.  She has superseded all her goals and won every major tournament in Water Skiing, the highlight being a World Record in the Women's Jump event.  She also holds the Danish slalom record with 3 @ 38 off.

Both Tom and June trained with Ray throughout their careers and wanted to carry on his legacy.  A legacy that attains to developing the highest possible quality products.

About the owners


June Asher

Extreme Water-ski Jumper, Stokesskis athlete, business owner & mum to the cutest boy

Thomas Asher

Extreme waterski jumper, 3 event athlete, Loves bring on the water

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