Aqua Deck by Stokes available now

The Aqua Deck  is a super buoyant, ridged, water platform that is designed to be used as a floating platform or to fit alongside any boat as a convenient water deck.  We have 4 different platforms to suit any needs.  The Y-Deck, E-Deck, and S-Deck.  The Y-Deck comes in 2 different sizes.

Your boat can have an extended play area for sun bathing, swimming, wake board, tube launching, and docking.

All our decks Deck have multiple d-ring connections on the top and sides for secure anchoring and tethering between boats.  These connections can also be used to hold eskies, coolers, chairs or to attach other decks to create one big play/docking area

With installed rubber bumpers on all our boat docks our customers are already impressed with the extra measures we have taken to protect their pride and joy.

Protect your beautiful boat, pontoon, jetski, when your out on the water, no beaching necessary.

Inventory is limited so don’t miss out on THE essential summer piece.