Felipe Miranda and Danylo Filchenko join team Stokes

Current World Overall champion Felipe Miranda has joined team Stokes. Miranda, a regular on the world jump circuit and brother to Rodrigo Miranda will be competing in the 2019 US MASTERS. We are delighted to welcome Felipe to the team and continue seeing this amazing overall athlete going for gold at this years major events.

Danylo Filchenko, from Ukraine, is already making a huge impression on the waterski world. Only 20 years of age, Danylo will be competing at this years US MASTERS in tricks and jump. He didn’t do it the easy way though, Danylo did both scores at the Masters LCQ, tricking 11,540 points and jumping a whopping 228ft, a massive 23ft Personal Best. We are so stoked to welcome him to the team and support him as he begins his journey in the waterski world.

pictures @spencershultz