Great Event Down under

Top performances from Stokes Skiers down under.

Jacinta Carrol continued her dominant run of form with some impressive jumping at the Mandurah World Cup Stop. Finishing top in qualifying Rabbit went for the jugular in the final round putting out a great distance to finish top of the pile.

Bojan Schipner also upped his standing amongst the worlds best with top 2 finishes in the World Cup and Moomba Masters. Bojan is incredibly dedicated to his sport and the results are starting to show on the water. Bojan was only .3 away from a number one finish. He’ll be working even harder to find that extra bit of momentum to get on top.

June Fladborg skied in her first World Cup since in almost 3 years. June looked great and just needs to be a little more aggressive. We’ll be seeing June putting up scores in the next few events.

Thomas Asher ended up on the wrong end of some rollers, getting into a bad position and ending up doing a full somersault. Tom is okay aside from a very sore butt.

Scot Ellis, unfortunately did not recover from a torn Calf Muscle to compete in the event.  We are sending best wishes to Scot and can’t wait to see him back on the water.