June Fladborg and Maj Jepson on the Stokes Skyliner jumpers

Maj Jepson and June Fladborg have been getting to grips with the new Stokes Skyliner jumpers.

Both are loving the true cut feel of the skis.  The quick move through the turns and how easy the skis feel to hold on edge have been huge plusses for both skiers.  The girls are also really impressed with how much left they are getting off the jump, with both speaking of the tip pressure in the air.

We are very excited with how the skis are performing.

Tom Asher on his Skyliners placed 2nd at the European Championships and 3rd at the Stokes Pro Am.

The Skyliner jump skis have recently been moved into production following extensive testing and research.  The shape is taken from legendary ski builder and Stokes Skis founder Ray Stokes.  A lot of his vision and build spec went into the Skyliner skis.

Tom Asher, Maj jepson, and June Fladborg are all on the Skyliner skis.

Look for more details soon from us on Stokesskis.com