Maj Jepsen looking forward to 2014

Almost there

2014 – a new year, a new season and I have a feeling it’s gonna be a really good one:) Doing 2013 I learned a lot about my self, my body and about waterskiing. The times I learned the most was the ones that also hurt the most.
Waterski jumping is an extreme sport, high speed and high impact on the body. There is obviously  a big amount of force on the body and it takes a lot of work getting back after (in my case) a knee surgery. But now I’m close.

The worlds 2013
June Fladborg and I represented Denmark at the World’s in Chile, and it was awesome to be together at a tournament again and also seeing her making it into the jump finals. Earlier in the season I was sure I’d be back or at least very close to my “old” level of jumping at the World’s. Due to a few setbacks in the fall I was far from performing as normal. The mental challenge of going to the World’s knowing I wouldn’t be able to compete was massive.  At the same time it was an important little step back into the tournament scene. It turned out good and was a great experience witch I know will help me on the starting dock this season.

To put an end to the fall’s setbacks I’ve made some changes to my off season training this winter.
My weak point was landings as I had a hard time keeping the right ski right underneath me. It tent to whack out to the side a bit twisting my knee. It obviously happens extremely fast and my muscles was simply too slow to activate and stabilize the knee.
In order to work on reaction time and coordination agility training is the way to go. They do this a lot in football and other sports that require many quick movements down the field.
I’ve been running through speed ladders (pic) forcing my nerve system to keep working quicker and activate the small stabilizing muscles in a fast complicated sequence.

Plan for 2014
Along with my strength and power workouts I know this has taken my physics from 90-95% to 100%. I can’t wait to get back on the water now! I’m going back to Florida in one week and I’m so excited to start up my season at Active skiing along with the sweet Stokes Team ❤︎
My goal for this season is to get back in the top of the World ranking list and take a podium finish at the European Championships 🙂

Have a wonderful season everyone! See you at the lake 🙂

Maj air 14:11 One leg squat Speed ladder