Mens Stokes EVO Jacket

Theirs a lot of jargon in the sport of slalom.  Speed, Load, angle, stacked, moving, Center of Mass, Fins, Foils, Rocker, Concave, Tunnel, Bevel.  A technically demanding sport demanding our intense focus on the understanding of physics.   

Listen, Our jacket is simple, It moves with you. Enjoy that moment when it all comes together.

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Product Description

Developed and fine tuned to provide unrestrictive movement within the courses.

The jacket is incredibly light weight and dries fast, the EVO does not hold water.

The front Zip is made to last, grip teeth and double stitch design means it will never lose a tooth.

The padding has been put more to the outside of the jacket to help with comfort on the inside.

The outer sides of the padding are curved to make less abrasion on the arms.

.Flex Gear. Slalom is all about continuous movement.  We wanted to create a jacket that will never hinder but flex and move with you


– Stokes skis new EVO jacket

– Light weight

– YKK Zip

– Front Zip for easy access

– Outside padding for more comfort on the inside

– Split Padding for more manouverability

– Contoured for slalom

– 4 way stretch

– diagonal stitching to improve range of motion

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