Stokes Skyliner Jump Skis


All Stokes Skyliner Jump Skis are built to order only

Your skis will ship 3 – 4 weeks from date of order

We will update you as skis are being made and will contact you once skis have a ship date



PH: Tom 352-348-0800 or June 352-348-0791

We need your Height, Weight, Personal Best, Boat Speed, and Ramp Height to build the perfect pair suited to you.

Stokes Skyliners have been in development for 2 years.

The skis have been a long time dream for our company to support waterski jumping. Jumpers are loving the true cut feel of the skis.

The quick move through the turns and how easy the skis feel to hold on edge

Available Sizes
82″, 84”, 86”, 88”, 90”, 92”
94″ 96″

Skyliner Jump Skis Size Chart

Skyliner Size Chart


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Product Description

Stokes Skyliners have been in development for 5 years. The skis have been a long time dream for our company to support waterski jumping.

The Stokes Skyliners were built for one purpose; To achieve the most angle and edge possible at incredible speeds and be super responsive lifting off the ramp.

Thomas Asher required a set of skis that could hold the incredible load they generate at that critical point before the jump ramp, maximizing lift and load when they hit the jump.

The skyliner’s core give the skis a Torsionally Stiff center, it holds its shape in high load situations for great acceleration in the cut and up to the peak of flight.

The Skyliner’s have a  Narrower Width Profile allowing the skis to pass through the wakes super easy and hold angle.

The Skyliner’s 2 stage Rockerline allows the skier to turn predictably and hold a more aggressive cut no matter where they stand on the ski meaning you needn’t be perfectly balanced to get a good jump.

Jumpers are also really impressed with how much lift they are getting off the jump, speaking of the tip pressure in the air.

Stokes Rocker provides stability, power, and edge hold as they blast into the ramp

Material = Carbon Fiber

Edging  = Urethane

Shape = Ray Stokes Design

Base = Carbon Fiber Stokes Speed Base

For more details e-mail:

Will Oliver “ Took me from 181′ to 208′! Thank you.

Robert Hazelwood “Hold angle so well to the jump I find holding speed easy”