Stokes Junior Skiers ready to rip in 2014

Taylor Garcia is getting ready for the 2014 season. After a stellar 2013, Taylor has not sat back and got complacent. He has been working even harder in the off season to refine and improve even more through all 3 events

He has been working out with a trainer for two months and is way fitter than he has ever been. He’s a little bit scary.

Taylor had a rough year in slalom in 2013, he sits sixth in IWWF where he was 3rd before. Having trouble finding a ski that would work last year caused all kinds of headaches. This year though, Taylor has found a ski and is ready to rip it up.

Taylor has been working hard on his tricks also, He has two new flips which should put him around 6500-7000 points. Tricks is not Taylors favorite event, but a necessity to go for an U21 title in 2014.

We at Stokes are proud of Taylor and all his accomplishments to date.
Joshua Briant, the young gun from Australia is also back to health and getting himself in the zone for 2014:

After a year of barely being able to walk because of a horribly screwed ankle…….he is back. He ran 4@38 and tricked over 10K in a tournament in Australia a couple of weekends ago.

Jump is coming back as well. His confidence and health have turned the corner. He has sped up and is attacking the ramp again. So as he has more time at higher speed and his confidence rises we are looking for big things from him.

Josh will be training hard as he has the skill set to really surprise people at the 2015 Elite Worlds. He is a serious contender for the 2014 U21 Worlds. He can run 38 all day when he is healthy. His tricks are unbelievable, and by then he will have the jumping ability to be over that 200ft mark. He does not choke he excels under pressure. He is special and unique, and we at Stokes are excited to be a part of his growing talent.