“Jumpin” Jimin Jeong – Greatest Korean Waterskier of all time

Waterskiing is full of people looking to elevate the sport and bring it into the public eye. A continuous every day journey of encouragement and patience battling through the quagmire of watersports to show how great Waterskiing is. With an ever-expanding list of boat/Cable towed watersports ready to usurp the one that’s been around since…

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Stokes Skiers represent in this weekends tournaments – Jacinta Carrol breaks ozzie jump record

new Australian Record Holder

Stokes Team jumper Jacinta Carrol pumped out some huge leaps at isles of lake hancock record tournament. Jacinta poked out a 55.8m effort to take out the Australian National Record. Jacinta was consistent throughout, regularly in and around the 55m mark. Jacinta has been ever present this year at all the major events. Taking home…

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