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Felix Blomqvist

I was born on January 28 1998. In a small town called Nora in the middle of Sweden.

My full name is Felix Gunnar Blomqvist.

I started skiing at the age of 5 years old. I started because my dad skied and that's how it all started.

I have been a part of the Swedish national team since 2009. I have at least 4 more years in school left.

Slalom: 3 @11.25 58km/h 4@11.25 55km/h
Trick: 4630
Jump: 175ft (53.3m)

2x under14 european jump champ (40.8m/39.8m) (11,12)

European slalom champ 0.5@11.25 55km/h (12)

European championship record 43.4m (12)

Masters third place jump 161ft (13)

LCQ 175ft, 0.5@11.25, 4630p 2292p overall. (13)

Felix in air

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