Tom Asher testing the new Stokes Skis

We are proud to announce the development of Stokes Skis.  Ray Stokes designed and developed his skis to be fast, efficient, and stable to ride on.  The Ray Stokes tip has always been synonymous with Stokes Skis.  Team Stokes skier Tom Asher has been testing and providing input into the test pair.  Tom said ” The skis feel fantastic, very stable in the cut and fly so smoothly.  Their is no flare up off the ramp and no stall at the end of the flight.   I have been greatly impressed with how this pair has come out and look forward to skiing the pro circuit with these skis.”  June Fladborg has also been impressed. June has been riding stokes skis for years and is vitaly important to the development of these skis.  June stated that ” I have the last pair Ray made, and these new skis are made in Rays vision, with his mold, layup, and attention to detail.  The finishing work on the new skis looks great.”

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Click below to see Tom on the stokes skis