World Champs a success for Stokes Skiers

Stokes Skiers feasted on perfect conditions at the World titles in Chile.

Jacinta Carroll, having a fine season jumped over 56m to to take Gold at the 2013 World Championships.  .  Having already taken the US Masters and U21 crown, Jacinta flew in the final to finish a dominating season.   Jacinta didn’t just do well in Jump she also produced some solid scores in Tricks and Slalom to finsh in the top 10 Overall.

Bojan Schipner, already having a great rookie season jumped himself into 3rd place with 67m. A fantastic achievement against a strong field of jumpers.  Bojan has been working incredibly hard this season.  He has one more tournament to go in Colombia.  We’ll be supporting him all the way.

June Fladborg completed a come back season with a finals place at the worlds.  This is the first time June has made the finals since her devastating foot injury in 2010.  We are amazed by her determination and will to get back out and jump.  So exciting to see her back and competing at the top.

Josh Briant did very well in the Overall competition and tricked 10800.  Look for Josh to be up and around the overall medals by 2015.

Scot Ellis, Rodrigo Miranda and Tom Asher all jumped well.  Scot Producing a 65.7m jump.  At over 40 years of age Scot does not look like slowing down.  These 3 Jumpers will be heading to the Colombia night Fly event on the 7th December.

Maj Lund Jepsen completed her return to action after ACL and Meniscus surgery.  this was Majs first event and great to see her back on the Water.  The Worlds came a little to early for Maj.  We’ll be looking to see her back to form next season.

A great season from our sponsored skiers. The 2013 season is now drawing to a close but look for some exciting new gear coming in the 2014 season.  we are super excited for next year and can’t wait for the summer to begin again.